Our Priorities

From day one, Children’s Centre Thunder Bay has been committed to a collaborative approach to care. Today, we define our approach under three key priorities.

We hope that as you work with Children’s Centre Thunder Bay, you will find these priorities represented in our services and in our leadership, but also in the fabric of everything we do in the community.

As an organization, we are fully focused on the following priorities:

1. Improving Quality of Life

We are a leading provider of treatment and support for children and youth experiencing emotional, behavioural, developmental and social difficulties.

A shared commitment to service excellence in prevention, treatment, research and education programs means that we are improving the well-being and overall quality of life of children and youth in Thunder Bay every day.

2. Caring for Children & Youth

We care for children and youth as our first priority. By making a real difference in the lives of children and youth, and supporting families and caregivers to understand and respond to their child’s needs and behaviours, our work builds a stronger and healthier Thunder Bay.

Partnerships play an integral role in our ability to support family and community strength. A collaborative approach to care fosters opportunities for community leadership, brings together the best of what works for families, and promotes access to appropriate services and support at the right time.

3. Striving for Excellence

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay demonstrates leadership, uses knowledge-informed practices and recognizes achievements when delivering services to children, youth and their families.

Building on our strengths, we continuously improve our leadership capacity and operating processes to realize organizational excellence and exceed client expectations. The work of our Centre also involves advocacy to improve services, raise awareness and promote wellness.

To support a culture of excellence, we are an accredited team of professionals working in collaboration every day to achieve the best possible outcomes in life for children and youth.

We welcome your feedback about how we are meeting our priorities.