Preschool Assessment & Consultation Program

The goal of the Preschool Assessment & Consultation Program (PACP) is to develop a greater understanding about children’s social emotional needs within Licensed Child Care Centres. The PACP works collaboratively with families, Licensed Child Care Centres, Resource Consultants and relevant community partners to enhance the functioning of children with complex behaviours due to their social emotional needs within the Child Care setting.

The PACP provides consultative services through two distinct models - individual consultation, and program consultation. The individual consultation model focuses on an individual child within the context of the Child Care Centre. The program consultation model is designed to support Child Care Centre’s at the program level. It is intended to improve the program’s capacity and address concerns that may be impacting more than one child. This could include professional development opportunities for Educators to build their skills in supporting children’s social emotional development.

Referrals are accepted through licensed Child Care Centres, with consent

from a parent/guardian. Parents/Guardians interested PACP services

provided for their child may contact the Supervisor of their Child Care