Parenting Education

All parents, caregivers, and foster parents are welcome to attend Children's Centre Thunder Bay's free Parent Education Sessions, funded by the United Way of Thunder Bay. The following series is offered at various times throughout the year. Sessions are delivered in a group format.

Adoptive Parenting: Struggles, Strategies, & Support

This session provides a brief overview of attachment, brain development, and the impacts of loss and complex trauma, as well as information on attachment-based parenting, developmental re-parenting, and therapeutic parenting strategies. Whether a caregiver is an adoptive parent, a foster parent, or a kinship parent, this session provides relevant information that can help caregivers to manage their unique set of parenting challenges.

Building Self-Esteem in Children

This session is designed to provide parents with tips and strategies to nurture their children’s self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is like a child's armour against the challenges of the world. Children who know their strengths, and feel good about themselves, have an easier time navigating conflict and pressure.

Children and Anxiety

This session helps parents to understand the role that anxiety plays in children's lives, and discusses strategies to help children cope. Anxiety is normal, but becomes problematic when it has a negative impact on school, friendships, or family and prevents children or teens from enjoying normal life experiences.

Gender & Sexuality: What Every Parent Needs to Know

This session provides a general background on the terminology of the LGBTQ2S+ community. There are opportunities to explore personal beliefs and understandings of gender and sexual orientation, and to ask questions in a safe and welcoming environment. Special attention is paid to the role of caregivers in providing access to accurate information, supporting youth, and practicing affirming caregiving. Information on the impact of non-affirming caregiving on the youth is also provided.

Growing Up Digital

This session helps parents to understand how to support and engage with their children in our current digital world. Many caregivers struggle with the unique challenges that this digital environment has introduced to parenting, but there are ways to navigate it effectively.

Navigating Through the Teenage Years

This session is for parents who want to build a better relationship with their teen. It will educate participants on how to improve communication, manage conflict, and teach self-discipline.

Parenting Through High-Conflict Separation & Divorce

This session provides parents with an overview of how their children are negatively affected by exposure to chronic parental conflict, and helpful strategies that can mitigate the risk of serious emotional harm for children.

Parenting Your Child with ADHD: Think Positively!

This session provides parents with strategies to help their child overcome daily challenges, channel their energy into positive arenas, and bring greater calm to the family. Parenting a child with ADD/ADHD can be frustrating and overwhelming, but as a parent there is a lot that can be done to help control and reduce these challenges.

Raising Emotionally Tolerant and Intelligent Children

This session helps parents understand the need to teach their children how to express and address feelings in constructive ways by teaching them how to regulate their own behaviour. Arithmetic, Languages and Social Studies: these are lessons learned growing up; expressing and handling emotions are typically not. Emotions are essential for survival. The ability to recognize and manage emotion helps children and youth navigate social relationships, maximize intellectual success, develop confidence and persevere through adversity.

Talking to Your Children About Death

This session provides caregivers with an understanding of what to expect from children at various developmental stages who have experienced loss, and suggests strategies for supporting children though their experiences. Death and loss can be a sensitive, difficult topic to discuss, but there are ways for parents and caregivers to approach it effectively.

Teens & Depression

This session provides an overview of the different forms of depression and self-harm that many teens and their parents deal with. Information on when to seek help and how to cope with concerns regarding suicide and depression will be addressed.

For more information, or to sign up for a session, please call Children's Centre Thunder Bay at 807-343-5000.

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