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Risks and Benefits

What are the Risks / Benefits of Participating in Service?

It is important that you understand that there are both risks and benefits of participating in any of the mental health services that the Children's Centre Thunder Bay offers.

Some Of The Benefits Are:

  • relationships with your family may improve
  • there may be less tension or stress in your family
  • parents can learn more effective ways of parenting
  • siblings can get along better
  • you will experience less stress and worry
  • you may be more motivated to change and maintain changes
  • you may develop more self control over your behaviour
  • you will learn about yourself and your strengths
  • you may see your struggles and problems in a new way
  • you can develop new skills and learn healthier ways to cope
  • you will feel less alone and isolated
  • you may experience more hope, optimism and joy in life
  • you can function more effectively at home, school, work and with friends
  • you should feel heard, respected, understood & supported
  • your physical and emotional health may improve

Some Of The Risks Are:

  • some family members may not participate in treatment
  • some family members may not support you in the changes you are making
  • change may be uncomfortable or even frightening
  • things may actually get worse before they improve
  • others like teachers, social workers or family members may not see the changes you are making
  • change may not occur even though you are trying hard
  • you may learn things about yourself that are hard to hear and to deal with
  • past issues may be brought up and discussed
  • if you are in a group, you may be impacted by other client's issues
  • you may have to wait to receive formal assessments or to see a doctor
  • we may have to involve Child Welfare if child protection concerns arise
  • we may be ordered to testify in court