Clinical Service Philosophy

Serving communities within the District of Thunder Bay, Children’s Centre Thunder Bay’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for children and youth, within their family and community environments.

Children’s Centre Thunder Bay (CCTB and/or the Centre), believes that every child is a unique human being whose needs are best met within the context of their family and community. Our services recognize and uphold the rights, autonomy and dignity of all people. Our services recognize and respect the range of family constellations that exist in our society, recognizing that each person defines family on their own terms. Our services support and respect diversity in relation to race, culture, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual preference, physical ability, or economic status. Access to service is provided without prejudice based upon the child’s and family’s identified need, and our capacity to meet that need.

To enact the Centre’s mission, we deliver services that are accessible, responsive, individualized and collaborative. Our efforts are founded on the following seven pillars that support the delivery of quality services. More specifically, services will be:

  • Family-centred: whereby the child and family’s needs, preferences and choices will be considered; and where possible, acted upon at every point in the service journey

  • Safe: taking into consideration both client and employee safety, such that risks are shared, identified, controlled and mitigated

  • Engagement-based: promoting active and meaningful engagement with clients in the design, coordination and delivery of their services

  • Inclusive: using an anti-racism/anti-oppressive approach which recognizes and values the richness of human diversity

  • Evidence-informed: such that services are designed using the best evidence available

  • Cost-effective: such that our Centre’s resources are used wisely, with full consideration of the many needs and issues we are working to meet

  • Evaluated: as we seek to understand if our service outcomes and client experience are achieving our mission