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Special Needs Resources Program

The Special Needs Resources Program (SNRP) is offered through a partnership between Children’s Centre Thunder Bay and licensed childcare programs, including licensed private home childcare within the City and District of Thunder Bay. The program supports children who have various needs, or require extra support within a licensed childcare setting in order to participate within the childcare program. Services are offered in both French and in English.

The goal of the program is to support inclusion so that every child has access to childcare in the community of their family’s choice. The program is designed to support children with a wide range of special needs, including speech and language, developmental, physical, social, emotional, and/or behavioural concerns.

Resource Consultants from the SNRP provide ongoing consultation to the Child Care programs by working closely with the child, family, Child Care program and other service providers to support the child’s overall development. Using a collaborative approach, the Resource Consultant facilitates the development of an individualized Early Learning Support Plan (ELSP) which focuses on the child’s strengths and needs. The Resource Consultant works closely with the Educators by providing coaching, modeling and resources to support the implementation of the ELSP. The Resource Consultant may also support the child’s transition from childcare to school, and assists with service coordination, if appropriate. They can also provide families/guardians with information about other beneficial community resources.

The SNRP may also provide Support Partner funding to Child Care program to hire enhanced staffing or intensive supports when required.

Special Needs Resources Program (SNRP) Service Delivery Information Videos

The following videos were developed to provide general information regarding some of the changes to SNRP service delivery and how it may impact how the child care community supports inclusive practices. These videos were specifically developed for child care supervisors and educators. For further information regarding SNRP services, please follow up with either the SNRP Supervisor or Resource Consultant supporting your program.

SNRP Referral – This video provides a brief overview of how child care programs can make a referral to the SNRP.

Early Learning Support Plan – This video describes what happens once a referral is made to the SNRP. It focuses on the steps involved in the development of the Early Learning Support Plan including information gathering and CANS.

SNRP Interaction & Strategy Note – The focus of this video is related to once the Early Learning Support Plan is develop and how the Resource Consultant works collaboratively with the child care program in the implementation of the child’s goals and strategies.

Referrals are accepted through licensed childcare providers, with parental/guardian consent. Parents/guardians interested in having these services provided for their child may contact their childcare provider.