Coordinated Service Planning

Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) brings together the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education to help coordinate services for children with multiple needs and their families. As the Coordinating Agency for CSP services, CCTB is tasked with overseeing CSP services in collaboration with children’s service providers, school boards and other community stakeholders. Coordinated Services Planning has been developed to ensure that there is a system of service planning where a child/youth with multiple and/or complex needs receive services that are family-centred, timely, safe, effective, efficient, and equitable.

Within the District Thunder Bay there are 7 different agencies that provide CSP services. These included:

  • Children’s Centre Thunder Bay
  • Dilico Anishinabek Family Care – Mental Health and Addictions
  • George Jeffrey Children’s Centre
  • Child & Community Resources
  • North of Superior Counselling Programs
  • North West Local Health Integration Network
  • OPTIONS northwest

Each of the above organization have employees providing CSP services. This role is called a Single Plan of Care Coordinator (SPoCC). The role of the SPoCC is to:

  • Meet with the family and/or child/youth and help them to identify their strengths, needs and future visions (goals)
  • Gather information on current service providers connected with family
  • Bring service providers and supports together to identify how they can assist to accomplish the families vision through the creation and development of goals, responsibilities and timelines
  • Facilitate the creation of a Single Plan of Care to address the family’s identified vision and to ensure services are coordinated
  • Initiate referrals and advocate for services
  • Monitor the Single Plan of Care with the family, child/youth and relevant supports

Coordinated Service Planning is a voluntary services that is offered to families who:

  • Have a child/youth who is involved with three or more agencies providing specialized services (e.g. rehabilitation services, autism services, developmental services, and/or respite supports),
  • Have a child/youth who is experiencing ongoing challenges related to their development (e.g. Physical, communication, intellectual, emotional, social and/or behavioural, mental health),
  • Have identified that they are struggling with coordinating services for their child/youth and,
  • May be experiencing external barriers which make it difficult to coordinate services for their child/youth.

For more information about the CSP program, including how to make a referral, please visit the CSP website.